Arborist Reports

Tree inspections or ‘Arborist Reports’ are a type of survey carried out on a tree to detect the health of the tree, usually with regards to its structural integrity. These inspections are carried out to determine if the tree is safe and whether or not it may require pruning or complete removal.

Arborist reports can only be completed by Certificate 5 level certifying arborists who have been through the necessary training.

There are several reasons you may need such a report and the most common ones are as follows:

  • You need to remove the tree to make way for developments or DA approval
  • To determine if the tree is healthy or for maintaining the health of the tree
  • To determine if the tree is still safe to have around people and property

Top Cut Tree Services provide level 5 certifying arborists as part of our complete list of Tree Services, so give us a call on 0416 001 483

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