Woodchip Mulch

Our daily tree removal operations generate large amounts of tree waste that needs to be disposed of in the most efficient ways possible. Before we remove tree waste from a job site it almost always goes through the woodchipper to maximise its compaction for loading into our tipper trucks. meaning fewer trips are required from the job site.

After leaving the job site this tipper waste must find a home, and if it is to be turned into usable mulch it first must be stored and seasoned before being sold. Properly seasoned mulch, sometimes called aged forest mulch not only looks attractive on garden beds, but it also provides great nutrients while at the same time locking in moisture.

Surprisingly we still regularly get asked for fresh woodchips because they look ‘newer’ or ‘fresher’. Many people don’t realise that putting unseasoned woodchips in a garden actually generates significant heat through the breakdown process and traps heat underneath the surface layer. This heat will actually kill everything in the garden in many cases and is definitely not a recommended practice.

Top Cut Tree Services are fortunate enough to have a yard where we properly break down and season our woodchips into high-quality aged forest mulch before supplying the product to our customers.

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