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The fastest and most cost effective way to remove tree stumps is by Stump Grinder.

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Looking for the best value Tree stump removal in Sydney?

If you are an avid gardener you will know that digging, in general, is a strenuous task and attempting to dig out a left-over stump is hard going. Stumps are often large and difficult to shift because their roots are usually deeply embedded, so using a stump grinding machine is a much less intensive option.



    Reduce Hazards

    Why Remove the Stump?

    Occasionally a property owner will opt to leave the tree stump behind after felling a tree as a cost-saving measure. When trees are cut down to ground level and a section of the stump is left above or below ground, it can cause several long-term issues. Stump grinding is the process of removing the stump including any parts of the tree hidden below ground. We often find that when a stump is left behind it either becomes unsightly over time or represents a safety hazard.

    Stump grinding

    To completely remove a stump, we use a stump grinder. Our team can remove any size tree stump in a safe and environmentally sustainable manner because we have specialized equipment and highly trained arborists. We can effectively grind deep or shallow stumps of any width and extract the root ball from below the ground and leave you with a neat and clean space to plant grass or build your shed. Our stump grinder is narrow and able to access side alleys and awkward spaces near pools or sheds.

    Top Tip

    During the grinding process the stump is ground up into chips. This is an organic material and makes excellent mulch for your garden or it can be added to your compost bins. Fresh mulch promotes soil quality and vitality.

    If you need a stump removed to improve the aesthetics of your property, protect against pests, to remove a hazard or prevent regrowth then stump grinding is the ideal solution.

    What We Offer

    Top Cut Tree Services is a trusted name in the arboriculture industry and has been servicing both residential and commercial customers across Sydney and the surrounding suburbs for over 20 years

    We are licensed and insured to carry out a comprehensive range of arboriculture services. Our clientele includes Sydney homes, businesses, strata properties, schools, public parks and facilities, local council buildings and sporting grounds. We are fully equipped to manage small- and large-scale projects.

    Stump removal

    As licensed arborists, we consider both the environment, your property and that of your neighbours. When we work on your property you can be assured that our team aims to have minimal impact on your outdoor space and will always pay high attention to safety when working around your family and home.

    What are the advantages of Stump Grinding?
    Improve Aesthetics

    Leftover stumps can make an otherwise neat and tidy yard look unmaintained. Some stumps eventually rot and look unsightly, some actual sprout and regrow. By removing these stumps, you can instantly improve the space, look and feel of your property.

    Creates Spacious Areas

    If you have a small yard you will know that every bit of space helps. Removing stumps will not only physically free up some space for more useful yard activities but it can also visually create a more appealing area.

    Eliminates potential Accidents and Hazards

    Removing a stump is not only a safety precaution to consider, particularly if you have small children or elderly family members, it also removes the possibility of a liability claim in the event of an accident caused by a stump. A protruding tree stump may not be considered as a potential hazard but if this is located on a commercial property you have the added responsibility of protecting the public from any injuries and trip hazards.

    Protect Against Disease

    On occasion, trees are felled because they have a disease and when the stump is left behind it may infect the healthy trees in the area. Removing the stump completely is a guaranteed way of preventing the spread of disease.

    Protect Against Pests

    When stumps are left unmaintained they create havens for pests like termites, snakes, spiders and rodents to breed uninterrupted. By removing the stump, you are removing the habitat for vermin.

    Prevent Stump Sprouting

    Stumps left in the ground can spout and regrow, so if you have already paid for a tree to be removed you do not want to add to that cost by felling it a second time. If you had the tree removed to make way for new construction it is possible that it regrows and interferes with the foundation of your new building resulting in costly repairs. Stump grinding removes both the stump above ground and the roots below are destroyed so that regrowth will not become an issue.

    Top Tip

    When you need a tree felled deciding to have the stump removed at the same time will save you money in the long run.

    If you need a stump grinding or removal service, get in touch today for an obligation free quote.

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