Tree Removal Blacktown

Top Cut Tree Services has over 20 years’ experience in the tree cutting industry. We have a team of skilled licensed arborists who service both our residential and commercial clients in Blacktown.

If you have

  • Old or Diseased trees
  • Dangerous or damaged trees
  • Trees that need pruning and trimming
  • tumps that need to be removed
Tree removal Blacktown

Call Top Cut Trees Services today. We have an outstanding customer service record because
we pay attention to your concerns and unique tree requirements. Our qualified arborists will always provide expert guidance and the most suitable solutions available, based on your specific needs.

We work with our clients to deliver solutions that are in keeping with the landscape, suit your budget, and we always adopt sustainable practices that consider the local environment. We have the right equipment to complete your job to a high professional standard and have a proven success record where we consistently exceed our customers’ expectations.

We Provide the Following Professional Tree Care and Removal Services in Blacktown
Tree Removal or Tree Felling Services

Having a tree removed is not always a matter of arriving and cutting down the tree, there is a high possibility that you will need a permit from your local council before removing it. It does not matter if the tree is located on a residential or business property, you are still required to comply with your local council regulations.

For information about council approval for tree removal you can visit – Blacktown City Council

We work with several Shires across the Sydney CBD and surrounding suburbs so choose us, we have the local knowledge, experience and specialized equipment to safely manage your tree removal.

5 Reasons Why You May Need A Tree Removed
  • Your tree is old and unstable jeopardising the safety of your family and assets
  • To make way for a new construction project
  • The trees are dead or diseased
  • Roots are damaging your foundations or plumbing
  • he trees are blocking your views or block the natural light inside your home

If you are not sure if your tree needs removing or if pruning will solve the problem you can trust our arborists to provide professional and sound advice based on years of experience.

Stump Grinding Services

The process of stump grinding is an effective and environmentally friendly method for completely removing a stump. Stumps left above or below ground can pose several long-term issues.

We often find underground stumps regrow and pose structural obstructions or landscaping challenges and if left above ground they become unsightly, attract pest including termites and become a trip or safety hazard. Using a stump grinder is a low impact solution and an effective way to remove leftover stumps.

Tree Trimming and Pruning

At Top Cut Tree Services, we are dedicated to keeping your trees healthy and in pristine condition. Regular pruning and trimming will encourage fresh growth and shaping will help to maintain the shape and form of your trees. When overhanging trees obstruct walkways, driveways or leaves fill gutters, trimming is an ideal solution to free up space, clear a view and allow light back into your windows. Pruning back your trees is also an effective preventative measure to protect your property. When high winds arise, loose branches become a hazard and may cause structural damage or may even be a fire hazard when they are located too close to powerlines.

Blacktown tree loppers
Emergency Tree Removal Services

Top Cut Tree Services has over the years proudly established a reputation for providing high quality and professional arboriculture services. We have the health and safety of our clients, their assets and our teams as a primary focus on all jobs that we facilitate. This is even more evident when we attend to emergency jobs.

An emergency tree job may have resulted from a structural defect, storm damage, environmental conditions or just an inherent flaw specific to that species. Whatever the reason it was likely unexpected and when fallen trees have placed the safety of your home or business at risk we understand that it requires immediate attention. We have a range of machinery to specifically deal with complex and technical removals and a talented team of experienced arborists to manage an emergency.

Top Cut Tree Services is committed to supporting you with a prompt, personal and professional emergency tree removal service when you need it most.

Firewood Blacktown

We have a range of firewood suitable for all your heating needs and provide quality hardwood firewood mixes to clients across Blacktown and the surrounding suburbs. If you are a restaurant, café, event venue or home user call us today for all your heating needs.

We offer a complete service at competitive rates without compromising on quality workmanship or safety. This is just one reason why our list of returning customers is growing each year is because we believe in giving you the best service possible and tree services that are delivered in a safe and environmentally sustainable manner.

If you need the advice of an Arborist or would like to get an obligation free quote for your specific tree care needs, contact us today we would welcome a chat.

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